A Darkened Soul

Ideas come and don't always stick, but they may stick to someone else. So here you go.

A Darkened Soul

His words struck me in a deep place that day. A place that only he could penetrate. Words that I heard a million times over and never struck me until the moment he said them. I can't forget it no matter how hard I try. The agonizing look on his face. The way he had reverted into that darkness right before my very eyes. I could see the vengeance in his dark blood shot eyes as the tears came streaming down the sides of his face. I feel the dark aura that surrounded his being. It slipped into my own, building a deep sense of fear. His will becoming clear long before he even spoke the words.

I'll rip your hearts out,” he said. “I'll reap on your very souls.”

Kane smirked, not phased with his target's resolve. He'd heard these words all his life, and it no longer registered in his mind. We'd been pulling this kind of thing since we discovered the ability to reap power. Looking at the dead corpse in front of us registered no emotion. Not usually anyway.

I took out my blade from it's sheathe on my left hip. I began walking when a hand reached across my torso, holding me at bay. I felt the prescence of Luik behind me.

Let him live. He ain't a threat,” he said.

Even though the statement was true, I couldn't bring myself to believe it. Even though he had no magic, his vengeance-filled aura still made me uneasy. I knew what he had been through, and I knew how he'd respond. He would find a way to get the power he wanted. That's what I loved about him. That's why it hurt so much. That I would have to betray the one who took what was his. The one who protected those dear to him. The one who sided with me when I looked suspicious. Even when all the facts pointed to me, he chose not believe it, because he had already put me closer.

But this was who I was. I wanted power. And that's what I took.

The End

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