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Walking out into the damp night air, Horian’s cursing could still be heard, rattling the hazy glass windows, directing the affairs of cleaning up the mess made. The frantic barmaid complying earnestly with the large bellowing man’s demands added to the movements inside as other patrons slowly filtered out into the night. Dumping the guard, like a sack of trash, into a bush just outside the building, Kaill followed after Markas, who had slipped around the corner of the silver-aged tavern.

    "Pretty price on his head, Eh Markas,"

    "Why you say that?"

    "Come now, the Barons son," Kaill grinned, dropping to a lean against the weathered shingles of the tavern, arms resting across his chest. Markas' horse idly waited in the shadows of the building, snorting as the men came into view.

    "Suppose so, are you going to try and weasel something out of this?" Markas almost wished he hadn’t mentioned this, patting his mares’ snout gently. Hefting Darius across the horses back, he gave a sideways glance to the thief watching.

    "Consider it a friendly gesture, me saving your ass back there," Slipping a splinter of wood into his lips, it bounced about lightly as Kaill continued, "I do owe you at least that, to be even."

    "Gentleman, I have plenty of money. If you would be kind enough to let me be free." Darius mustered up enough courage to at least bring himself to ask one last time, keeping his tone its usual cool manner.

    "Even then?" Markas ignored the yammering captive, stepping into the stirrups, and hoisting himself into the worn hide saddle. He knew damn well that Kaill would eventually find something, somehow and somewhere to hold this evenings events over him.

    "Of course, my friend," Kaill caught the wood between his teeth. His hand snapped up to his brow mocking a salute to Markas, "Off with you to Wynfel. Until we run into each other again!"

"Gentleman, please I b..." Darius was cut short, catching a mouthful of horse tail, swatting about at him like he was a fly. Markas nodded taking the reins and tugged slightly, beginning to trot off to the cobble path leading towards the city of Wynfel. Once he disappeared into the lightless twilight, Kaill leaned over slightly, peering into bush at the unconscious guard.

   “Sorry chap, but I do not think you will be needing your coin much”  

~End Chapter 1.~

The End

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