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    "Eh," Sucking in a breath through clenched teeth, Markas shook his hand from the impact to the guards jaw. "Kaill..." He nodded briefly to him, flexing his fingers slowly. With both dispatched guards on the ground, a slight glint of a steel reflected from Kaill's hand, nicely painted with a red ichor. That same crimson slowly began pooling out from the unconscious guards side.

    "Markas? Who the hell is that? What the shit is this?" Horian bellowed, catching sight of the blood leaking on to his floor, "Out with you, all of you. Go now, and take your damned idiots with you." His glare towards the two was quite dangerous, considering his wild gesturing. "Wench, get me a god damned mop!" Gegash blinked slowly, eyeing the man he knew as Rowe previously, before startling to attention by the tavern owners outburst, bumbling out the door as he was told.

    "Where the hell did you come from?" Markas questioned Kaill, giving Horian a look before returning to his bundling up of Darius, now even more of a quivering lump on the ground. Tightening the rope and jerked, Darius was hoisted up to his feet, a meek expression cast downwards, looking to the pair of hired men splayed out.

    "Simply trying to have a drink here, in the back," Kaill grinned, dropping down slightly to wipe of the small daggers flat on the fallen guards chest, "…When who do I see walk through the door?...You do know, polite manners would suggest you thank a person who just help you out of a particularly bad jam ."

    "Oh yeah, I must forgot," Markas returned with a sarcasm that matched his expression. Setting himself down, Markas hefted  the bound Darius up over his shoulder like a side of cow off to the butcher for trimming, "Grab those two for me, would you?" Markas gestured to the guards laid out, with a jerk of his head.

    "Odd manner of thanks" Kaill muttered, collaring the one who he had stabbed and began dragging him to the door. Such was his and Markas' relationship. Snapping his gloved hand at the guard nursing his elbow, a click of his tongue and a thumb directed the man to get a move on, out the door.

   Years ago, Kaill would have been in Darius's position right now, had he not had ties with the Boldel. Not like Darius though, sharking gold from a Baron's son, that was much too small time for Kaill. Career thief was what he maintained. Markas simply fit into the picture as the unofficial judicator. Stolen goods from a particularly wealthy cathedral in the city of Ebon brought Kaill two things then, acceptance into the Boldel thieves’ guild… and Markas, breathing down his neck. Kaill held a respect for the bonds man though. He often felt that Markas too often found a bit more pleasure in his job than he should, making a game of it. Had it not been for the Boldels interference, in the form of threats to expose to the public certain issues within the Ebon Clergy, Kaill didn't doubt that Markas would still be chasing him today. For now though, they remained a strange pair, always running into one another.

The End

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