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    "Yes, my friend. I meant no harm by my words. I am just a bit weary and not so much looking forward to the trip tomorrow." The apology came out in a mocking tone, through thin lips. Darius offered a nod to the infuriated male across from him, for show. The pair of men at the bar, were well paid of course, and Darius had no doubt they would be able to deal with this drunkard farmer, should he get his feathers ruffled any more.

    "Eh, you should be wary of your tongue. I don't take well to being insulted," Gegash muddled, returning his voice to its lowered tone, "Especially from you, one who looks like he's had a spoon up his ass his whole life." The mixture of liquors was exacting a rather harsher tone to Gegash. Rowe had not seemed all that bother by the exchange, preoccupied with the won kitty before him. "Fancy ring you got there," Gegash was getting into his full swing, "Musta hurt your mother when she was birthing you."

    "Oh this old thing?" Darius remained cool, lightly breathing upon the ring and shining it upon the lapel of his overcoat, "I won it, of course." Leaning over the table, he whispered in a hushed tone, “From the Baron of Wynfels own arrogant son. He is not a very good card player at all. Heard he cried for days." Darius laughed, examining the jewelry, returning to his normal posture. The cobalt sapphire set into the gold jewelry played in the flickering of candle flame.

    "'Spose rats will be rats" Gegash shook his head, tipping his empty stein over, looking for the skittish female barmaid, "Why you are headed to Redcliff. Be with your own kind." He added, tugging at his beard.

    "Oh, not quite my dear root digger. You see, I travel there for passage. Leave this squalid place behind. I have gotten more than my fair share of spoils, you see." A smugness that could not be denied took grip on the thin lines that were Darius' lips. He spoke the truth; one can only work their way through so many, before they run head first into a wall. The grand rule of confidence. Of course when that wall is the son of a noble, things tend to fall apart rather quickly.

    "Root Digger?" Gegash stood up, after forcing his hands down onto the table. Horian quickly stumbled to his feet, doing his best to get a hand between the two.

The End

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