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    "Headed north, of course," Gegash sloshed the small bit of ale left in his stein, lowering it to look towards Darius, "Blasted Mercer House running the show now in the Dustlands!" A sour expression wormed out from the man’s beard. Darius had heard of this tale back in Wynfel. The Mercer House, a guild of over-ripe whiskered merchant tycoons, had practically bought out the economy of the Southern lands. Simply placed in perspective, the Mercers held more value in itself than any three Baronies in the land. Ornate buildings were often a sight, in the larger cities, where business was attended. The Dustlands held spices and inks, things the opulent and privileged would greedily pay for. Most of the native merchants in the Dustlands were driven out by the Mercers just recently, though some where swallowed up by the promise of hefty reimbursement. Would seem Gegash fell into the first category. Rowe gave a lopsided nod, in agreement.

    "The both of you? Bah, that damn guild might as well sit in with the Boldel, damn thieves!" Horian spat, adding his own bit of thought to the conversation, mulling over his hand.

    "Very true my friend, very true," Gegash agreed, tipping back the last of the swill into his mouth. Smacking his lips together, he shrugged giving Horian a look, " 'Spose if I had all the money in the free world, my feet wouldn't be bothered by the sand"

    Dropping his cards in front of him, Darius settled the remaining ones into a stacked pile beside him. The other men eventually followed suit, with a variety of responses.

    "Pass," Horian’s hand was slapped upon the table in an easily distinguished loss, the deep crease between his eyes evident.  Tossing his hands up in the air and bringing them to a perch atop his balding head, he gave the game now to Gegash.

    "Ya dealt me shit here!" Cards flung to the table from Gegash.

    Rowe blinked, focusing on a spot on the table, remaining silent. Roused by a backhanded swat to his arm by Gegash, the smaller man came back to reality. Again the three men waited, while fumbling fingers dug deep inside the folds of Janus' cloak, the noise of coin muffled beneath. Moving forward, Janus threw his arm out, tossing another pair of gold coins on the pile.

The End

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