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   “Perhaps a few more hands, my friend,” Darius looked from the two drunkards, to Horian, offering a charming smile, “It is getting rather late, and I am off to Redcliff in the morn.” Filtering the cards out across the table, each of the men searched their person for few coins to play.
    “Redcliff?” Gegash gathered up his cards from the table and anted, focusing as best as his eyes would allow on them, “You goin’ there to get your ass mugged?”

    “Hardly, friend. I have…”

    “You’re gonna get mugged, if you walk around like that,” Gegash interrupted Darius, sorting his cards out, “You look like one of them fancy royals.” Darius’ expression turned severely harsh, by the drunkards blurting. Of course he did look as if he was a royal, something he prided himself on, even if he was not.

“Well, I am not planning on…”

    “Rowe! What you think?” Gegash yet again spoke over the explanation, “Think the fancy lad here is going to get mugged?” The entire exchange gave Horian a great deal of amusement, setting off a series of wet sniffling snorts from the large man, as he festered over his hand.

    Rowe clumsily found his pocket, with a bit more struggle than the other men could bear to watch. Bringing his hand from cloak two golden coins flung to the pile. Large denomination coins, hardly anything that a commoner would be carrying on their person, nor coins one would casually toss into a card game. Darius lit up visibly, interest solely spent on the hue of the coins as they wobbled to their flats, in the candle light. Something that he immediately scolded himself for, giving a glance towards the other men huddled around the table to see if they had caught his expression.

    "So, Sir Gegash," Darius returned to his standard sharkish composure looking towards his conversation, “What brings you through here, if I may ask?" Fanning his worn cards out in his hand, Darius immediately began his game of bait and trap. Gegash was already staring into the bottom of his stein, cards a jumble in his free hand. The man was quite out of place, at least for this province. His tanned skin, where the sun had managed to touch, was a olive hue. A school child would be able to guess that he was travelling and not from anywhere near here.

The End

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