~The Book of the Hunt~ Chapter OneMature

"Hah!" A heavy hand slammed down upon the varnished oak table, setting off a rattling of various bottles and glasses that littered the overly abused surface, "You're a bluffing bastard of a whore!" The voice bellowed out in tones lined with whisky accent. The voice belonged to a rather obese man, narrowing his beady eyes across the table. Cheeks glistening with perspiration and candlelight as his arm rose in an awkward path,  five copper coins tumbled out onto the growing pile that rested in the center of the table. Across the table, a pensive expression returned the beady-eyed scrutiny.

    "Am I? Are you certain?" The calm voice responded to the accusation, a steady tapping of fingers upon the pile of face-down cards before him. A subtle quirk to his brow added further accent to his words as he examined the larger sour smelling man sitting opposite of him.  A dry smirk came to his thin lips, flicking his eyes down upon the added coin before returning them to his opponent. "Such a brave and bold move, Horian.” He was grasping for straws at the moment, waiting for his chance. It was quite simple to outwit Horian.  Losing a few hands here and there in the beginning would give him enough time to see the flaw, and the dead giveaway in his company’s game. It was almost too easy. As it was, he had already won back his losses from his opponent by double. The constant flow of spirits was also helping his cause.

    "Ah...don’t think your arrogant talk is going to scare..." Horian paused abruptly, jerking upwards just the slightest bit in his seat. His closed fist flung up to his pursed lips. With a stammering blink, the large man belched, hardly muting the sound in his fist, "...scare me, Darius!" On cue, with his vile belch, Horian dropped his other hand to the table. Perfectly, the overly varnished tabletop reflected the cards suits and values, allowing them to be seen by a fleeting glance of Darius.

    "Yes, well, perhaps I took you for a fool my dear friend" Darius put on an expression of sheer shock, such as one might make upon being caught in an incriminating act, in reaction to increased pot of coins. Horian did have a quite impressive hand indeed, Darius would give him that. It would easily take the pot, over the garbage deal Darius was holding. Best let the giant oaf win. It keeps him excited. Even still, he'd only be winning back his own coin, so there was no downside for Darius, "Ready my dear friend?" he darted his cold eyes up across the table.

The End

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