The Book of the Damned

Not for everyone. If you are sensitive about religion than probably avoid this. It's a very thought invoking short story and shine light on a different take on God. I'd love to hear thoughts

We are a society above your own. Made in our lords image, as you are, but pure. We struck down the all knowing Apple Tree. We stoned the treacherous snake. And we dance around Eden singing to our high God who comes from the heavens to join in our revelry. We Are Perfect.

We don't live like you. Each commandment obeyed. We do this so when we may pass on, we can join our brothers and sisters and Holy Father in his kingdom.

I'm to pass on this night. I've lived a good life and it will live on eternally. As I drift to sleep, for what I feel is the last time, I hear a flute. What a pretty melody, My strength heightens enough for my feet to join it in movement. Oh what Joy! I must find this perfect drawing sound. But it is silenced by a rage from the heavens. A voiced called "That be the Devil's Flute! He uses it to draw mortals to his fiery under earth of sin. Follow it not." I wept in sorrow for the people who don't have the love of there God to save them. "Lord, I wish to help others, as you have taught me. Task me with saving others from this tune." "Very well. In order to stop His song you must take the flute and give it to me."

I obey my God.

I retrive the flute for Him. He takes it and starts to play, light turns to dark, His face gives way to black smug, the form of his bare body are covered now in dark robes, His sweet song turns to evil laughter.

I'm frighten. My God has turn to Him. The Devil.

VII You shall not steal.

"Therefore, You: of the land of the damned, are to be punished for your crime of not only the break of your commandment but the blind worship of God. May you join the other sheep in the pits of Hell, and let them burn into your mind, that you were not born among the blessed, you were born to become of me. A sacrifice from God to ease my hunger. Your people shall all suffer the fate you have. Let the hate burn, feed my flames. Come now child, your prison awaits."

It was not the Devil but god that sealed my fate. Sheep are born to die and feed another, just as I.

The End

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