The Book of Sarcem the Archsage

The Book of the End Times and Destruction.
Add your own cataclysmic predictions.

And in the end of days shall there arise a master for all that is vile, and he shall speak thus:

"Let the race of man fall, that out kind might rule in their stead, and have unto ourselves the riches and fullness of the earth."

And then shall rise the demons and evil beings of the earth, and the seas will open, and from the depths shalt leap the krakens and Leviathan of the Deep, keeper of the drowned.

But, lo, from the skies shalt come the angels of the heavens, with the might of eagles and mounted on the backs of the great dragons of the air, and leading them was the Archangel, mounted high on the back of Gladrung, King of Dragons.

And then shall the earth and sea go to war with the heavens for the fate of humanity, and the clouds will be torn from the skies that hath born them, and the mountains will be uprooted by the fury of demons.

And the Master of Evil will call upon men, saying:

"Bow to me, for my victory is assured, and all those who slave for me will be spared my wrath."

Yet believe him not, for he is the king of lies, and from his mouth is spoken not one well-meaning word, his mind thinks only to trick and destroy.

There will arise amongst men those who will listen to his words and be ensnared, and they will say to each other, "See how great his might is, that all the evil beasts of earth and sea obey him? How can we hope to stand against his power? Let us join with him, that we might be spared, for surely his victory is assured." And they will be deceived by his lies and say, "Surely he will not destroy those that join him".

Yet I tell you, all those who conspire against the heavens will be destroyed, for the power of the angels will break the demon's armies, and will cast the Leviathan into the eternal abyss along with it's master and all his servants.

And then there will rule upon the earth such a peace that it shall have no end, and those that resisted the lies of the Master of Evil will live in the eternal joy of the light of the heavens. Yet those who betrayed their fellow man and went to the King of Lies shall be destroyed along with his monsters and servants, and cast into the eternal abyss.


The End

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