Senic veiws of the book in my head

This is just some scenes that i have made up in my head, theyu look good when you imagine them, just not when i write them. you can have them if you want. some come with charicters, most don't.

an entrance. 

The rain pounded on to the ground, rainy and windy the moors were soaked, the purple heather was no longer bouncy and the roling hils loomed above them, thunder split the air and iluminated the scene, The blue light cast the scene in a flikering immage on the retina of the veiwer, a killer storm, lightning, a withered tree, blackened from the origonal strike, a huricane. and a form out there, dieing, but content.

Enterance two. The first paragraph is just seting, ignore it if you want. There are also parts of an ending in it

the man looked acros the open sea, wondering if the autorities would catch up with him, he was a pirate, as bad as they got and then some.
he turned to look at the slaves he had go on his last trip, there were some nice ones about round here. he looked to the mast where his favorite one was kept, she was a feisty one, she had to be druged. And to make his day sudenly go bad, she wasn't there.

he felt a tap on his shoulder and he looked apond, only to be sent flyong by the punch he felt, from above, the touch had been rope. His asailent stood up from the crouch he had landed in, the sea spray coating him, turning him into a ghost, the slaves were behind him, a flash of white and blue reminded him one thing, just to late for him to use it. Everyone look all direction. No one ever looks. UP. lightning hit his brain and then swirled around his atacker. As his life faded he saw the man and his now free captives walk into the midle distance over the sea.  

The End

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