The story changer

The people walked into a room, it was large, white, and the interior wasfilled wy a pool of blackness. "This is the storychanger" said the scientist "it alows us to mess with storys, of course we would never do anything bad. MWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA, MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA. *COUGH* sorry got caried away". The children were not listning, a particularly dumb one said
"what does this buton do?" "No, dont hit that" that one is a equivilent of a wrecking ball, it destroys stories".
"then its to bad" said the dumb kid, "I had hit it alrady"
"everyone, get down, its gonna blow" said the elderly scientist.
"dont take us for idiots, we know nothing will hapen" the posh one said.

With a flash of darkness so dark it blinded the for children vanished, the scientists got up and shruged. "oh well, less work for us"

They then went of to have a cup of tea  

The End

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