The book of randomness with endings of no actual relivance

Random endings that end in ways that are rather confusing, showing the state of my mind.

The first

The king of darkness was standing on the hill, waiting, but for what he did not know. As he was aout to forget a bunch of people strode up the rocky mound to face him.
one of them he knew to be the princess of the light, and there could be only one reason she was here.

Just as he was about to speek the man next t her spoke to him in a low voice "here is not where we wanted to be, our reasons are our own. Also the awnsers to your questions are yes, no and posibly". This confused th king for he was not actualy thinking of any questions, so he shruged and started to speak. "You may not wish to be here but becouse you are the forfilment of the profecy must be made, the world shall be saved and resumed when the king of darkness maries the princess of the light". The man was about to speak but the king cut him of with the words "it is so, and becouse it is so it must be so".

He would have continued on like this for a long time, but he stoped becouse a sword in the heart will stop most conversations. In the sahadows of his throne a man walked out of the shadow, infact it looked more like he was the shadow and had decied to become a man. He stood up and adresed them all in a clear voice and said " teribly sorry what what, wrong story i think, oh well cant be helped. He then proceded to rip his face of.

"what"? they all said. there was a dialek infront of them. then the world exploded.
and in the whiteness of the space an unearthly voice said " oh darn, what book is this i got it wrong again". 

The End

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