The FrenzyMature

Those first steps were soon fueled with a ravenous need for nourishment and revenge. Karim learned quickly to move his decaying corpse. He returned to the camp site where they had been attacked and searched for his Anan. The bodies that remained were already being consumed by other animals, and for the first time he felt a strange connection to them. The hyena barely noticed him walking amongst them as they scavenged the flesh from his fallen brethren. Soon he feared the worst, that they had taken her while she was still alive. He turned toward the direction they fled and tracked their path through the grass. He saw the trail that Bacha had attempted to cover from view, the path they had taken to the cave. Bacha wanted Karim to die in peace. He thought it strange that he felt an urge to avoid them. He followed the tracks, feeling for the first time, the sensation of smelling the trace of humans in the air. It did not take long for him to differentiate the smell of the Eutak compared to his tribe, and eventually even discern the smells of individuals. He raced through the grass and over rocks at speeds he had never attained before. The world moved by at a crawl from his perception. Rocks he kicked up while running moved slowly through the air as he outran them. Soon he reached his prey, the Eutak had caught up to his tribesmen and had cornered them. Karim watched from above as the elder attempted to negotiate while they moved in. Finally he saw her, being dragged by her hair behind one of the Eutak who stood in the rear. He moved quickly around them to get closer. As he peeked through the grass, laying low on his belly, he felt the urge strike. His mouth became wet with blood and his mind became numb with an uncontrollable sensation. Without thinking he burst forth from the grass and rushed Anans captor. He leapt in the air and slammed into the man, both of them rolling into the dirt. Karim slid to a stop and without a pause returned upon his prey, pouncing again. This time he landed on its back, and with one quick thrust, his teeth ripped into its throat. He pulled back, ripping a massive chunk of flesh from its neck and returned his mouth to the wound. The sensation was pure ecstacy. His blood, leaking from the roof of his mouth, mingled with the blood of his prey and in an instant he could hear its thoughts, feel its fear and recall its every memory. He pulled, with ravenous force on his essence that had touched the blood and as it retracted into his mouth it pulled with it every drop of his prey. As it entered his body he felt the life within him, crying for mercy, confused and disoriented. He had a soul within him. Before he could finish enjoying the moment another had attacked him, pushing him off the lifeless empty corpse. Karim rose to his feet in a frenzy, no longer completely in control. He raced toward the remainder of the living in his presence and systematically tore out their flesh and consumed them whole. His hunger was insatiable. A moment later he lay on his back, gorged red with blood in a hallucinogenic state. He dreamt of the lives of his victims, dreamt of their triumphs and their failures. Something warned him, some instinctual alarm set off in his mind and he came too. The sky to the east was beginning to lighten and he new he had to hide from the deadly light. Once coherent he noticed Anan, laying nearly decapitated on the ground. His eyes widened in shock and he lifted her to a sitting position. Her eyes flickered in seizure and he could still smell blood within her body, he hadn’t completely drained her. Quickly he placed his mouth on the wound and regurgitated his essence into her. He filled her with the blood of her own memories and then waited. Nothing was happening. He looked to the horizon in fear of the light and then returned his gaze on her but still she lay motionless. There was no time to waste, he had to take shelter and so with one arm he hefted her onto his shoulder and made for the cave.

The End

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