One of Those Gut Feelings

   Someone pulled up behind him in the drive threw while he was zoned out and honked their horn twice, apparently at him. Lance could see his hot breath in the chill of the night air as it clung to the windows. Lance turned on his car and cleared the fog from his window with a glove, flipped on the heater, and slowly crept his car up.

   One of those gut feelings when you know something isn’t quite right, crept up on Lance. His stomach clenched and his instincts told him to look behind him. He stretched out his coat sleeve and grabbed it with his fist, and cleared the driver’s side window just enough so he could see in his side mirror.

   It was probably the same feeling you get when you shop at a convenience store, were some questionable guy walks in. Looks all dirty, badly shaven, reeking of cigarettes, greasy hair, and tight blue jeans with holes and his T-shirt splattered with stains from the last time he shopped there. Comes in and buys a six pack of beer, lottery tickets, and a pack of cigarettes. Threw out it all you’re keeping your one eye on him and the other on the candy isle, ready to duck just in case he try’s and pull something on the late night clerk. 

  His eyes drew towards the man who just pulled up behind him. Something was defiantly odd about him. Perhaps he knew him? No, he would remember a car like that, all beat up, rusty, paint falling off, windows cracked. One of the cars headlights were out, it was enough to give the man a ticket. He decided not to ticket the man for his un-kept car. Especially when he was boxed in from the car in front and the character behind him, no means of escape if things got too hairy, and besides he was off duty and hungry.

   Six years ago he wouldn’t think twice about the guy behind him. The questions that raced through his mind he had to force on himself when he first started his training, but now it was a habit, an addiction. Sometimes he has to tell himself that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and in this case is probably no different. Some poor soul who chooses to live his life the way he does, stuck in the early 90’s and an unfortunate gene pool.

The End

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