The Book of Lance

Lance a detective, finds himself in a tight spot with no way out.

   Money was only thing that ever came to mind when he thought why he stopped smoking. He tried the patch for a while, but never did care for it one bit. He could feel it on him all day like a grungy band-aid, very uncomfortable. The patch was good but it either boiled down to him forgetting to put it on or him not having the money for it. Besides, he didn’t really want to drop the habit of smoking, he rather enjoyed it. But, just like addicts, his addiction changed.
   He reached into his glove compartment and there rested three boxes labeled differently and with a faded 100 on all of them. He picked up one of them and taped on the side of the box until it slowly opened up like a jumbo box of matches. There laid a hundred flavored toothpicks. He put one in his mouth and put the box back in his glove compartment. Mint was the best in his opinion.

 He turned the key that was in the ignition, and the car’s engine went silent. He allowed his body to rest in the car seat as he waited for the two cars in front of him in the drive threw of the Burger Shake to finished ordering. He sat, waited and thought in the cold of the November night.   

   Unlike his habit of smoking, he never was able to stop thinking about his wife. Every Wednesday he would head out to the cemetery outside Los Angeles and walk among the thousands there that were laying and waiting for something better. There out of all of the dead he would always make it a point to stop and talk to one of them. The one he called his wife for ten years.

   He found out earlier that morning that tomorrow would mark the 5th year that Madelyn, his wife left him. It seemed longer than that, it always did for some reason. The first couple of days were the hardest and they were the ones that stuck with him threw all these years. His last conversation with her was an argument, not a very good note to leave on. To make things worse, he could never really recall what they were actually arguing about.

   His thoughts drifted away from the present until he could see his wife Madelyn once again. He just came home from work early; he quietly opened the door and snuck in. He could hear her in the kitchen. The air was thick with the fresh dinner on the table. He couldn’t wait to see his wife’s reaction to his little surprise he had for her. He tipped toed through the house with a rose in hand.

   With a twist and turn through the house his heart stopped. There she was standing with her back turned to him. She had that dress on, black top with long sleeves, and a white dress skirt that went just below the knees. He loved that outfit, and she knew he did. As he approached her, he could feel her soul surrounding the kitchen, engulfing him more and more with every step. He came up right behind her, reached out with his hand and suddenly froze, his concentration broke.



The End

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