Fauna Rider

I was sprawled out on the grass, trying to pick shapes out of the clouds which sailed to the West above me. I was close to nodding off, the relaxation of solitude was making my muscles go limp with the anticipation of falling into a midday nap.

Just as I was about to succumb to the temptation of sleep, a shadow was cast over my face. I opened my eyes and started up the cause of the shadow accusingly; it was Finnegan. Glaring at him, I sat up.

'What?' I grumbled, brushing the dirt off of myself as I stood up to face him. His hands were filthy. No doubt he was rummaging around in the soil trying to get the damned tree to grow another inch. 

He beamed at me, the radiance of his smile almost blinded me, he clapped his hands together and stated proudly, 'I made it grow some more.' 

I sighed and reached out to pat him on the head, 'go get something to eat and drink.'


'You get a headache when you do too much magic. You need to replenish your strength.' I said, walking ahead of him in the direction of the village. 

He hummed in agreement and jogged to my side, he started to chatter away at me. His words just turned into a low rumble, and I zoned out as we walked; nodding and smiling where he needed encouragement. 

I was used to having my extra hour of sleep at this time, and he was dragging me away from it to show me his little tree. It's not that I am not happy for his achievement, I am. But when I have to go and looked at his plants on a daily basis, it becomes a tedious routine. 

'...And then earlier, I was reading one of my Mother's old texts and did you know that there is an ancient book called the "Book of Days" which apparently is some sort of prophecy book. I, personally, don't think it's real because there is no evidence of it's existence at all!' 

This perked my interest, 'sounds cool.' I grinned, 'but I'm much more interested in that new SOS request which my dad received today.' 

'Oh, and what is it for?'

'Mountain troll infestation... regular job but y'know, mountain trolls are so stupid; I could spend all day beating the living daylights out of them... easy targets.' I rolled my eyes, 'it's a shame people can't get rid of them themselves, just clock them 'round the head and they're out cold for five hours!'

I saw Finnegan zone out the way I had when he was spouting his herbal knowledge at me. He cares as much about beasts as I do flowers. 

'Care to join me?' I asked, knowing he couldn't resist a good brawl even if it was with a mountain troll. 

'You would take me even if I didn't want to!' Finnegan laughed, bumping me with his shoulder.

'For the Gods' sake, hurry up! I don't know about you, but I am starved!' I moaned, speeding up my pace. My father usually had a beef stew simmering away at this time of day, and boy, was I ready to eat. 

The End

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