Finnegan Bowyer

Two friends embark on a number of quests.

I stared silently at the patch of soil, concentrating and repeating Latin words I still didn't know the meaning of. Then, a small bud appeared, germinating into what would eventually be an apple tree. I had planted the seed two days ago and had spent the majority of those two days glaring and murmuring at it. People must have thought I was mad. I laughed with delight and jumped up at the achievement. Progress!

I glanced up at the sky and guessed it was about 1 PM - still an hour before I had to go back to work. I picked up a leaf and began walking towards the East, the leaf hovering gently above my hand, tickling me. I was going to see Fauna, to try and drag her from wherever she was sitting at that moment. It was a long walk.

I couldn't understand how people didn't love the forest, especially in the spring. The perfect blue sky contrasting with the green leaves, casting shadows on the ground and forming some of the only shade in the town. The light breeze effected my grasp on the leaf, blowing it slightly out of my reach, but I let it fall. Too much magic made my head hurt. Instead, I walked wherever my feet decided, today stumbling upon a small river.

The sunlight reflected on the water, blinding me slightly and enhancing the pain in my head, but I continued looking. After a few seconds I was used to it; I sat on a rock and lost myself in the water. The rippling sunlight was mesmerising, along with the occasional dash of orange in the water and light green in the background, I stayed put for at least 15 minutes. 

But alas, Fauna was sitting somewhere, tempting me to go and haul her up! I stood up and quickened my pace to repay the time I had spent relaxing. 

The End

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