Travis was amazing at auto. He had fixed the carburetor twice as fast as me, and now he was helping me! We kept on hitting each other as we fiddled with the piece of machinery. His reddish brown hair was matted with grime, while mine was still clean. He had oil on his face too.

“Hey Mikaila,” he said when he’d stopped laughing for more than ten seconds, “What are you doing tonight?” he smiled at me and my breath caught in my throat. A smile was plastered on my frozen face but my brain was twirling circles in my head.

“Uh . . . nothing, why?” my heart was thumping in my chest.

“Do you want to get some ice cream after school?” he smiled, his small braces glinting in the sun. They didn’t look bad though, they complimented him.

“For sure, Marty’s?”

“Definitely,” he laughed and returned to fixing my carburetor. I watched him, his blue eyes squinting when he tightened a bolt and opening up again, filled with triumph when he was done. He was gorgeous, I have to admit, and I didn’t know why he was hanging around with someone like me.

“Get changed everyone! Bells going in three!” Mr. Danto yelled through the class. We were all wearing blue jumpsuits to protect our clothes from the dirt of auto. Travis slipped out of his jumpsuit, his small biceps blooming through his white T-Shirt. I watched him hang up his auto clothes and pick up his bag, walking back over to me. I took off mine and went to put it away.

“It’s ok, I’ve got it,” he took my suit and walked over to the hooks, hanging it up for me and grabbing my green and white bag. “Here you go!” he said, passing me my bag and starting to leave the classroom. I said thanks and followed him, smiling to myself. What a gentleman. A wonderful gentleman.

The End

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