Parties and Braces, Joys of Highschool

“Mikaila!” I turned at my name being called, expecting it to be a teacher. Standing half way down the hall was the devil of devils, Sabrina.

“Hi Sabrina,” I said, rolling my eyes as I twisted my lock right 42, left 53, right again 06. She stood to my right and I swung open my locker, hoping to break her new nose, but missing by mere inches. Damn!

“Mikaila, listen,” Crap, what did she want now? “Me and my posseh,” I know, she likes to be ‘posh’ (*cough* loser *cough*), “were talking about you. We were just thinking about this awesome party that’s coming up,” I swallowed and ground my teeth together, I tried to hide the smile that threatened to creep onto my face. “And we were wondering if anyone had invited you yet!”

“No, no one has mentioned a party,” I spook to my locker, reaching and grabbing my notebook, ready to go to auto shop. I put my books in between my legs as I reached up to my longish brown hair, tying it back into a pony tail with the elastic on my wrist.

“Well, we like totally want you to come! It would be so cool, it’s next Saturday, tell Chels,” she motioned to one of her Barbie Babes that followed her. In my opinion, it was a ginormous oxymoron. “I totally hope you can come! Well,” she flipped her hair and strawberry filled my nostrils, messing with my senses and making me stumble. It smelled horrible! “Bye!” she snapped twice and they all started snapping their bubblegum, walking down the hall swaying their hips so they took up the same amount of room as an elephant.

I picked up my picks she’d hit out of my hands, muttering to myself, “Bye!” I said in a falsetto voice, getting up and flicking my hair. My hand connected with something solid.

“Ouch,” I heard a deep voice grumble behind me, a low chuckle followed it.

“Oh my gosh!” I yelled, turning. “I’m so so - ” my mouth stayed open, hanging. I gaped at the boy who stood in front of me. I didn’t recognize his face, and he looked a little lost. “A-are you new?” I managed to form a full sentence.

“Yeah, just got here. My name’s Travis.” He smiled at me, he had braces I noticed. Not big ones, just small silver ones. They were cute.

“I’m Mikaila. Sorry about hitting you,” I glared at Sabrina walking down the hall. He glanced at where I was looking.

“Do I sense jealousy?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow. I scoffed, I could’ve fallen to the floor in fits of laughter. Swallowing a giggle, I answered.

“No, not at all! To be frank, I don’t really like her. Too . . . bleh!” I shivered.

“Ah, popular byotch I presume?” Did he read minds.

“Exactly,” he laughed which I took as him agreeing with me.

“So, what’s your next class?” I asked, we started walking towards my class, I figured he must’ve had something down that hall, it was the guys hall.

“Er . . . auto, I’ve never done it before,” he had pulled out a time table from his back jeans, un-folding it and pointing at it. “You?”

“Same thing,” I said, smiling as he gave me a quizzical grin, “I like cars.” He stared at me, shocked, but ultimately looked ahead of him as we walked in a comfortable silence. He let out a low “huh,” considering why I’d be in auto I presumed. I felt like giggling. This was going to be a good class.

The End

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