Ugh, School

Ugh, school. The pathetic demise of every teenager with a personality. I mean think about it, because I have a messed up family and I actually have an opinion other than what the stupid tabloids give us, I'm frowned upon. And yet, everyone says to be different. Damn hypochrites.

The school looms above me. I roll my eyes before entering Theodore Burns Highschool. The name's ironic isn't it? I mean, imagine your name is Theodore, and in this school, everyone gets burned socially, unless you've got a boob job and are a blonde. Too bad I'm a brunette. Not. I think that if I had to be part of the "populars" I would most commit suicide.

I get to my locker and open it. The Jocks ran past me, knocking my bag off my shoulder. Cursing at the laughing dimwits, I pick up my bag and books and place them in my locker. But of course, with my luck, the top shelf of my locker chooses that point in my life to break. Cursing once again I place my books back in my bag and hang them up, grabbing my biology text for first period. I slam my locker and walk to room 203A.

Mr. Munch is already there when I walk in. "Hello Mikaila, how was your weekend?" he calls to me from teh front of the class.

"Ok," I say whispering crappy under my breath as I grab my usual seat in the back left corner. I pull out my biology book, thinking how incredibly easy this class is.

When Mr. Munch finally starts to teach, my mind automatically wanders off to the book sitting in my bedside table. Where should I go tonight? Some people read book, some people write them, hell some people even correct them. I feel I'm the lucky one. I get to live them, pretty sick eh?

The End

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