The Book of Chance

My name is Mikaila and I attend Theodore Burns Highschool. My life sucks, with family problems and no friends, but when I come home and sneak into my room, everything changes. I've got my great-grandmother's Book of Chance, and like she said, all you need is a chance to change your life.

I'm walking through a forest. I can't tell which one it is, but I know I've been here before.

Is this the one where I saw the horse? I ask myself. No, this is the dwarf forest . . . right!

I continue to walk, the leaves crunching beneath my feet. I like this forest, and the dwarves were nice to me last time. The trees move around me, finding a place to settle for the night as the pink sun sets.

Then, I hear my name.

"Mikaila! Mikaila! Come out of your room this instant!"

It's my mother. Damn! I think. I close my eyes and think of my room, concentrating on the colour, the smell, where my bed is, every detail. I've done this many times and before long I feel the familiar pull in my stomach and the rest of my body soon follows. When I open my eyes I'm sitting cross legged in my room on my bed. My mother's pounding on the door, her voice easily floating through the thin, fake wood.

"Just a second!" I call, shutting my book and slidding it in my bedside table. I open the door to find my mom in her work clothes, fist raised.

"Dinner's ready, are you coming?" she asks, placing her hands on her hips.

"Yupp, be there in a sec," I watch as she walks away before shutting the door and running back to my table. I slip the lock on, making sure no one can get to my book, then I slip the key on a chain back onto my neck and leave my room to go to dinner.

My father and my brother sit on our worndown couches, eating their microwave dinner's and drinking beer, although there are alrady three empty bottles beside their tables. Mom grabs a glass of wine and sits down at the kitchen table. Great, I think, Mom's had a bad day.

I grab my dinner and sit down on the opposite side of the kitchen table to my mother.

"Mikaila, please move, you're blocking the T.V." she says kindly. I pick up my inner and take a seat at the head of the table. I take a bite of my dinner and I have to use all of my strength to swallow he warm cardboard that is my dinner.

This is the usual in my house. Throw in a bit of yelling, some more beer, a couple bruises, broken bones or furniture and take out my mother and you've got the best crap-ass family ever. Just fantastic eh? Just marvelous.

The End

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