6) Strategic Trick Or Treating – Bad Touch TrioMature

“Ok so it’s settled then, _____ is taking Lovino around these streets, then she will switch with Gilbert who will be taking Veneziano through these streets, we will all cross at these streets and Lovi will come with me, Veneziano will stay with _______. Francis will be following up on these streets.”

Everyone nodded in understanding and you gently picked up Lovino in his pirate costume Spain had modeled after his old outfit.

Prussia called for Veneziano who happily jumped into his arms and started meowing like his costume, a brown cat, called for. Gilbert chuckled and patted his head, grabbing two extra large garbage bags for them both.

“Alright mes amis, are we ready?” France called to the group as they all got intense faces on, armed with large bags and running shoes.

“Everyone put your game faces on and vaminos!” Antonio yelled like a battle cry and the group ran off.

Trick or Treating, it’s intense business.

The End

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