5) Intergenerational Dancing – Ancient RomeMature

The clock was about to strike midnight and you stood there with nations alike, all staring at the same thing, those little numbers ticking down. Even Asia had decided to join this year in an effort to strengthen Western ties.

10, 9

You felt a large hand grab your smaller one and you looked up at the large figure of Rome, smiling down at you

8, 7

You squeezed back and felt yourself being pulled away from the clock with a strong tug, and onto the dance floor

6, 5

Laughing quietly at the height difference, only managing to put your hands on the man’s broad chest

4, 3

His deep chuckle reverberated through your hands as he spun you around and pulled you back in

2, 1

Heedless of the age difference as you were both well over five hundred years old, he grinned roguishly down at you


Lips connected as fireworks erupted outside the window courtesy of  Hong Kong as everyone save for a few countries connected in a lip lock cheered.


The End

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