4) Old, dangerous play equipment - CanadaMature

You really should have known better, however even as you sat here with your ankle throbbing horribly you didn’t regret any of your actions.

Those old, rickety play structures were always your favourite to find, and even though your age was well past the socially accepted age to be on said equipment you couldn’t help it. Those dented metal slides, heated up to a thousand degrees in the afternoon sun, and deformed structures that looked like everyone on the block had taken their old two by fours out of the garage to glue together that gave you slivers if you even looked at it, were the most fun.

It was a pity that they were being quickly obsolete by plastic monstrosities built by overprotective mothers.

“Oww!” You were wrenched from your thoughts by a sharp pain in your ankle, reminding you of why the fun structures were being replaced.

Laying in the cool sand you wondered how long it would be before someone found you and this park was torn down too – “______?!”

Well that didn’t take long.

Craning your neck to see the worried blonde running towards you with a white fluffy . . . was that a polar bear?

“Canada?” You asked, turning your head to look into his worried violet eyes as he set down Kumajiro and looked you over, trying to assess the damage.

A soft, white head pushed against yours and you giggled, “Why hello Kumajiro.”

Suddenly the ground was far away, a pair of strong arms were around you in a secure hold and a sweet maple and pine smell emanated from him.

Yeah, you definitely didn’t regret anything.

The End

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