3) Wearing underwear just out of the dryer – N. ItalyMature

You quietly slinked through the halls of Veneziano’s house, soaked and naked.

How you managed to get in this predicament, not many people would ever know.

It basically went like this, as you would explain to an exasperated Germany later, you were staying with Feliciano for a few days until the brunt of the renovations on your house had finished. Everything was normal until you decided to shower.

You had just thrown a load of clothes in the dryer and with time to kill you stripped down and stepped into the shower.

You forgot that Veneziano liked to walk naked in his house.

How this transferred to not having a towel in his bathroom you didn’t know but apparently it made sense in his mind and all that mattered right now is you were stuck.

Which is where we come in.

Opening the door slightly you hear North Italy humming an unfamiliar tune with his eyes closed like normal, apparently waiting for you to get out.

Then it hit you. Of course! Veneziano never had his eyes opened, so if you could be quiet enough, you can sneak by him to the laundry room and at the very least put on a pair of sleeping boxers and he wouldn’t know a thing!

Opening the door again as quietly you could, you slipped through and tiptoed slowly down the hallway to the laundry room. As you put your hand on the doorknob a louder Ve~ was heard and a cheerful voice called down to you with amusement.

“You know _______, my eyes aren’t actually closed.” Your face did a fantastic imitation of a tomato and he chuckled, “Ahh don’t be embarrassed Bella! You have a beautiful body!”

You yelled back to the hallway while slipping into a pair of boxers, still warm, that it didn’t help.

The End

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