2) When cashiers open up new checkout lanes – GermanyMature

Feeling flustered you put your basket of groceries on the ground in the checkout line.

It was going nowhere because Heracles and Antonio had decided to strike up another conversation, this time about his tomatoes.

He could talk forever about those.

Looking behind you, you saw an increasingly angered Ludwig with his eyes closed, eyebrow twitching. Then there was a wonderful sight that no one else seemed to see, the flickering of a lit up number over at the other end of the store.

A holy light enveloped both the employee and the register, while angels with harps fluttered around.

Thinking quickly and ignoring the shock that went through your fingertips, you grabbed Ludwig and your basket and pulled him out of the line.

“W-What are you doing _____?!” He asked, startled and holding onto his items in one hand and your palm in the other.

Finally, reaching the checkout counter and giving him a gentle push in front of you his blue eyes widened in recognition and a small blush appeared on his cheeks.

“Danke _____,” he expressed his gratitude quietly and put his four items on the mechanized belt.

You smiled happily, just glad to have gotten a reaction out of him.

The End

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