1) The other side of the pillow – GreeceMature

Another night, or day, or whatever it was, in all honesty you couldn’t remember.

Coming to visit Greece was always fun, filled with hours of playing with cats, cooing at tiny kittens while their mother watched over them protectively, and long days spent in the heat admiring vast landscapes of what his mother had left behind.

This however, was the only downfall.

You sighed again and rolled onto your right side, hoping that the last eight times you had done so in the past half hour were only a bad position.

A small growl and huff moved past your lips as you did the only thing you could think of left to do, flip over the pillow.

As your face hit the cold, soft cotton you felt a strong tug as a tan arm wound its way around your stomach and pulled you to a broad chest.

Okay, so maybe naptime wasn’t completely a downfall.

The End

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