The book

Something random I came up with awhile ago.

Nadine could feel the ground give way beneath her feet as she ran down the slope of the hill. Her breath came in large gasps and her hair whipped out, away from her face. She could hear the soldiers behind her, shouting at her to stop but stop she did not. Bag clutched tightly in one hand, she pushed herself even farther on, desperately trying to lose the men chasing her. She could see the gates to the city ahead of her, just out of reach. A few yards passed, then a few more and she was there, scaling the wall with the rope held by her friend.

“Hurry!” Rune called down to her from his perch atop the wall.

Panting for air, she quickened her pace, until finally, she had reached the top. With out-stretched hand, Rune helped her up before pulling the rope to his body and wrapping it in a coil. Slinging it over his shoulder, he turned and jumped into the cart of hay that a confidant had placed below him in the young hours of the morning. Nadine jumped down next to him, just as she saw the soldiers reach the gate. They pounded on the wood panels, shouting out to the gatekeeper.

“Open up old man!”

The gate came open and the soldiers burst into the city, weapons in hand. Rune grabbed Nadine by the elbow and pulled her out of the cart with him and together, they fled from the wall. Ducking into the many shadows that crowded the streets of Coron, they weaved this way and that until finally, the soldiers could be heard no more.

“I think-” Nadine stopped to catch her breath. “I think we’re safe.”

“For now.” Rune replied. “Do you have the book?”

Nodding, Nadine looked to her right as she held the bag out to Rune. He took it and peered inside, noted the book and smiled. “Good job. Now, let’s get this to the king.”

The End

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