The Book

A mystery is solved when a young girl finds a lost treasure. But not all is as it seems and eventually it si realized that some thing are better left un-touched.
"He warned her, but she just wouldn't listen..."

She was only twelve when she discovered it while rummaging around through a box of her grandfathers belongings. Its golden spine and thick, solid cover seemed to glimmer as she picked it up and she knew in that instant that this was what she looked so many years for.

She eagerly ran her pale fingers over its cover and stopped at a tarnished lock, its partner hanging from a gold chain around her neck. She knew that she had to open it, but her grandfather had warned her years before.  He told her of its many joys and flaws, but she didn’t care, he was an old man what did he know? She had the key, she held the power and he wasn’t here.

He has “forgotten” all about it until she was born and years before had claimed it too powerful for anyone, but he entrusted her with this beautiful key saying, “If you find its match some day, don’t open it.” She never questioned the words ringing in her head until this moment but she had to see it for herself, she just wouldn’t listen.

She carefully slipped the key into its slot and it opened. Her mind went wild with the life of the cover, revealing a new adventure on every page. She was the protagonist. Fairies, a circus, sand shores. Every page was unique and told a new story. This ever changing book took her to places where night and day were one and every raindrop turned to candy. These were imaginary places and she was lost in them. This dream world was her secret and her escape; there was no toll on time and the real world was dust. But the good can never last and all is not as it seems.

The night it happened, when the book came alive, was like any other. The stars and moon shined bright and the hum of dark green frogs echoed from outside her open bedroom window.  This was a beautiful, peaceful night. There was no laughter, no dancing or singing like usual, nothing but the echoes and an open story book.

She knew something was wrong the moment it happened, something was just not right, but it was her decision to open this incredibly powerful book and there was no going back. Things, like no other appeared out of thin air and filled her room with the sound of laughter, then would disappear in the silence. These things, which once stayed within her hands, now escaped and became a new power. What were these things, dreams, visions an over active imagination, or something more?

She turned the page and while reading drifted off to a new land, were dreams are only dreams. She thought of the jungle and all of its fantastic creatures. She thought of its climbing vines and, the colorful flowers and crashing streams. She was at peace, when the jungle inside the book came to life. 

She didn’t wake to the sounds of chirping birds or crashing waterfalls. She didn’t notice the page or feel its vines, creeping from within, against her warm hand and soon she was gone.

He had warned her, but she just wouldn’t listen. Now it was too late.


The End

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