Write a story with the words college student, crumpled paper, train, and laptop.

A college student was in his dorm room and he had to right a piece of paper for class tomorrow. He couldn't think of anything and he kept crumpling his paper and throwing it in the trash, finally he thought of something. He started writing, a train came by and disrupted his thought so he tried typing it on his laptop and still didn't know what to write. He stayed up all nite working on his paper.


The nite was over and his paper was finished. He went off to class and read his paper to the class, the whole class booed him and through papers at him and laughed, even the teacher did so he barged out of the class room. He made a dry ice bomb and put it in his English class room and when every one was in class he went to the bathroom. When he walked out th door and it blew up, scaring everybody. He laughed and walked back in the room he saw somebody lay on the ground with a lot of blood dripping on the ground. The school found out who it was and suspended him.



The End

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