"More rolls than an elephant's scrotum"Mature

I was relieved when I got to the parking lot of Swift; the gymn Lisa had been attending in a bid to lose non-existant body fat.

The lot was pretty much empty and hosted quite expensive looking car; testament to its exclusivity.I got out quickly to go get Lisa who I suspected needed help walking. I really hoped it wasn't serious or I would never forgive myself. She had been complaining about having 'more rolls than an elephant's scrotum' for months so after having enough about her non-stop weight talks I told her to get her lazy ass up and do something about it if it bothered her so much. It sounded like good advice then... when I wasn't expecting her to wind up with a broken ankle on the second day.

I was so immersed in my thoughts that I didn't take precautions when I took a sharp corner that I totally bumped into someone. I staggered on my feet and would have ended flat on my ass if not for the stranger's fast reflexes.

"Fuck; you ok?"

Well I might have been ok; but that was all before I was subjected to the perfect blend of dark melted chocolate and velvet that was his deep voice.

Seriously it left me trembling, as embarrassing as that may sound. I couldn't move, I was in a trance.

"You not gonna pass out on me are you?" he asked sounding as if he was deciding weather to bolt or put me down on the pavement.

I finally snapped out of it before I made a complete spectacle out of myself. Besides; I needed to settle the all important question of voice and face. Lisa and I had come to the realisation that most of the guys with great voices were rather lacking in the facial department. This conclusion came after a lot of experiments and trust me; you can't have both.

 It's either he had a face good-looking enough to make you drop your panties in the midddle of Wal-Mart and a voice that would make you purchase two sets of headphones or he had a voice that would make you do anything but a face that would give you unwanted nightmares. That was just the way it was; no way around it.

I raised my face, craning my neck to look at his face.I would have liked to claim my near fall was the one that left me so breathless but we all know that is one lie that would have qualifed into the Guinness World Book Of Records. What had completely and utterly knocked the breath out of me was the masterpiece that was his face.

It was a collage of all the perfect angles, sinfully long eyelashes, full lips that would give a nun some ideas and a jaw that nearly reduced me to a puddle right then and then.The most striking feature on his face however were his eyes. Usually I went for the hazel bedroom puppy dog type but his were nothing like that. They were the clearest most striking shade of navy blue I had ever seen. Not the azure blue we usually see, but the inky type that instantly commanded attention and raked over you in a way that left you feeling like he knew all your secrets.

How was it possible? Great voice should have been equal to hideous face but his face could not be classified under anything but insanely gorgeous.Seriously; he was he stuff wet dreams were made of. I would have to tell Lisa we had to redo our experiment.

"Dru; coming anytime this year?" A high pitched voice interrupted.

The spell was shattered and our gazes finally broke off each other. I looked to the side to see a redhead standing in front of a black car I couldn't actually name, not that I was good with car names or anything; but I usually recognised the famous labels.He released me and I fought off the bereft feeling that came from nowhere.

"You sure you're good?" he asked ignoring the daggers the redhead was throwing at me."Yeah I'm good," I smiled.He looked like he wanted to say something but ended up taking the piercing on his bottom lip between his teeth and nodding. I was glad he turned around then because if he had seen my reaction to that simple gesture, I would have died. I watched him as he walked to the blonde.

He was wearing black skinnies, a tight black t-shirt and black combat boots. He held a black sports bag n his hand so I assumed he had been training. When he arrived at the car; the redhead made a show of looking at me and then publicly molesting his lips in front of me.

Well whatever; he wasn't my type anyway.I turned around, not wanting to see them sticking tounges down each other's throat anymore. I walked into the gymn and met Lisa who was already limping towards the exit. My eyes flew to her ankle which was already showing signs of swelling.

"Holy crap; are you ok?" I asked, realising belatedly how stupid that question was.

"It's not as bad as it looks really," she tried a small smile but it was obvious she was in pain.

"I should take you to the hospital," I said taking her gymn bag and putting her arm around my shoulders to support her.

"No; it's good really. Besides, it was totally worth it," she smiled that mischiveous smile that always left me worried.

"What would be worth you falling down on your butt and breaking your ankle?"

"Remember that text I sent you earlier when I arrived?"I did. It had not made much sense.

*Ashley I've just died and went to sex heaven*

I didn't make much of it because hello, this was Lisa. My best friend came up with statements like that on a randomly alarming basis and always made sure I had an urge to send her to a loon school.

"Yeah, so what did you do this time? Bang your trainer?" I laughed, knowing that with Lisa it wasn't so off the mark though.

"If only; yesterday when I came there were these old trainers and I just picked one of them and then today this hot thing that looked straight out of a Sports Illustrated magazine shows up and I can't even change trainers. How fucked up is that?"

"Still not following," I said unable to make the connection between the text message and this explanation and her ankle.

"The only way I could actually get him to touch him was having this broken-ass ankle."My jaw dropped. "I don't believe you."She laughed.

" Come on, I didn't do it on purpose; but the results were gratifying," she sighed contentedly. I shook my head in resignation.I would never understand this girl but was grateful her ankle was not badly hurt.

"Maybe you should quit gymn?" I asked biting my lip in uncertainty.

She had managed to sprain her ankle in two days, who knew what was next?

She looked at me as if I had said I was an alien working undercover to destroy earth. Well, maybe not but something close."You must be out of your mind if you think I'll leave before at least getting his number."I rolled my eyes and shook my head in resignation.It was a lost battle.

The End

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