“David, it’s been so long,” the girl with the blue-blue eyes said, holding out her hands. Brian found that he couldn’t move, that his limbs were locked in place. She took his hands in hers as if she didn’t notice or care about the affront and continued gushing. Brian had to listen closely to catch up with her words.

”..recognize you. You’re shorter here and your hair is so much lighter.” She ruffled his hair and smiled at him.

He blinked twice and said, “Do I know you?” His voice came out in a croak, and she laughed and said, “I see your voice is still the same funny David voice. Good, I’d have missed that if you didn’t have it.”

She waltzed into his apartment without answering his question, and Brian felt himself getting impatient with this woman, no matter how beautiful she was or how blue her eyes. Who was this stranger, and who did she think she was, barging into his house like this?

“You didn’t used to like jazz,” she murmured thoughtfully as she flipped through his records.

Brian decided she must be insane. He cleared his throat and squared his shoulders. “Listen, lady, my name isn’t David. You must have me confused with somebody else. I’m sorry but you’re going to have to leave.”

“Don’t tell me you really forgot all about me, David. It’s me, Madeline. Don’t you remember me?”

There was something familiar in her manner, the way she played with her braids, looked up at him through downcast lashes. Don’t you remember me? Her smile reminded him of the way sunshine looked on grass, of the uninhibited laughter of children. It evoked a sense of well-being in him that he couldn’t place, though he recognized it soothed something in him. I can see you’re starting to remember me now…

Brian almost jumped out of his skin when he realized he was hearing her voice in his head. “OK, now you’re really gonna have to leave.”

“Listen to me. I can prove that I know you. You have a birthmark in the center of your back in the shape of a crescent moon.”

The End

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