The Blue Sky (P1)

Alina lean far out her window. She could see mountians in the distance. She had always wanted to travel, as far as she could go, but her father, Lord Sarloom kept her mostly in her room, as he said it was because of that dreadful curse.

Now that dreadful curse brought many other things to the table, such as: bad behavoir, a wretched attitude, a disgusting face and so many more horrid things. Now since Alina didn’t know what these things were, since she lead a sheltered life, she would just agree with him. She’d cry herself to sleep many nights, and since she’d be confined to her room for most of the time, she would cry most of the day too.

But when she wasn’t crying, she was thinking of that open blue sky which seemed to be calling her. “Alina, Alina”

Could something so beautiful want something so out of her reach?

The End

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