The Blue Ninja

This was a little battle in the war effort against the dreaded writers' block.
Just writing random stuff letting flow while trying not to over-think it.

There were five ninja jumping around on the rooftops.  Four of them were dressed in black.  But the fifth one was dressed in blue.  How strange. 

But the Blue Ninja didn't feel strange.  He felt happy and alive.  He was enlightened.  He had recently had an epiphany. 

This happened to him in a dream.  It was a Thursday when the Blue Ninja had this dream.  In the dream the Blue Ninja was having a cup of tea with another individual.  This other individual was a mutant. 

The mutant said, while holding the cup of tea in his claw:

"I am an Agent from the future.  I was sent here to warn you about the coming apocalypse.  There will be a massive war between Superman and Batman.  And Lex Luthor will be the special guest referee". 

The End

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