The Blue MistressMature

Symbolism is everything.

          There she was, on the hill, her brunette hair flowing in the wind, her manner regal and her hand holding some little wild flowers. I could feel her eyes on me, and my face flushed. The boughs of that small forest I was crossing were slowly pulling my coat a stray, as if pulling me away fro this beautiful creature.

          For a moment I felt dizzy, and a dark image flashed for less than a second in my mind. If was undoubtedly caused by the emotion of the moment but it was the image of the most beautiful woman I ever saw. Her figure was clear and generous, just like that morning.

             I stopped for a moment while she put up her hair, pretending to ignore my presence. I smoothed my clothes and started walking again. She stopped forward, greeted me with a frank smile and gave me a bouquet of blue roses. After a long silence, she offered to escort me and comfort me in that lonely place. Ashamed, I dropped my head, unable to open my mouth, and she came by my side and took the basket I held. My eyes became clouded in blue again.

             I hastily wrapped myself up in my short cloak and was only able to smile slightly, my eyes still fixed on the floor. My whole body was shaking, but I kept walking. Only when she asked me where I was going did I exchange a furtive glance with her, and stretched my arm, pointing the way. Then, I dropped my head again and we kept walking while I carefully fastened my scarf around my neck, trying to hide my shape under my clothes. Again, a blue light surprised me, and I could see my dormant side under the flash. Shocked, I shook my head and it disappeared.

             After a while, she spread her cloak on the floor, over a mantle of poppies, and kindly told me we should rest for a while. I smiled again, and nodded. Sitting on the prairie, we looked at the morning clouds and felt the breeze blowing on our faces. Slowly, the shyness that kept my mouth shut disappeared.

            We introduced ourselves and started talking about our families. I told her of my beloved village, and she told me of faraway places. When I felt the sun on my head, the blue light came back, and for a moment I felt the pleasant contact of skin. I felt y body wrapped by a warm breath and closed my eyes, stunned. When I opened them again, I could only see her smile.

             She told me I look tired and breathless. She suggested we walk to a nearby stream. She got up and I got up and for a moment I stood close to her, but quickly I moved aside and we started walking towards the stream. On the way, I saw the blue light several time, filled with blurred with images.

            When we arrived under a huge walnut tree by the bank, she once again stretched out her cloak, wetted her handkerchief and offered it to me so I could refresh myself. The moment I felt the damp fabric touch my neck, the blue images came back and I felt a passionate kiss. The saliva slid down my neck and traveled throughout my body. I was slightly frightened, but at the same time, I felt better than ever.

           We started talking again. Slowly, confidence was building up between us. She even told me how handsome she thought I was, and asked if she could see me again. She said she would like to see me often, to meet my family. She told me she was in love with me. She took my hands between hers, but, to my astonishment I couldn't feel those hands but rather the touch of blue lips that took over my whole body, while a tongue visited my most inner reaches.

            I must have seemed quite bewildered but she just smiled, thinking it was because my hands were lost between hers. She tried to calm me down, saying that her intentions were honest and serious. I listened to her, lost in a sea of blue caresses, feeling a presence around me that was filling me with kisses, offering me an endless, damp and playful tongue that was probing the lowest reaches of my body.

            She was talking about the future, about the children she'd like to have, about how she'd respect me and care for me. I wouldn’t worry about money, she would give me plenty of presents and we'd travel a lot. I would be the great king of her many houses and castles, and we would live in the own and in the country, shifting our residence according to the seasons. I could feel a great, pleasant pain on me, and I felt my flesh taken wildly.

            I tried to pretend otherwise and so, I opened my basket and put some food on a small tablecloth on the ground. Then I invited her to eat, but I wasn't able to eat anything. That blue being was so completely inside of me I felt I could burst out of pure joy. The young woman's words were far away from me, losing themselves in their tiring sonority. I felt like I was going to break in half.

              The sun was setting and time went on, but we didn't want to leave that place. That beautiful young woman had already visited all our possible futures; she had even explained how, when we were old, we would sit by the fire remembering our happy life together. Meanwhile, I had visited the whole blue explosion and felt fulfilled, exhilarated, full to excess.

              While her mouth spewed words into the wind, no sound came from mine. It was sealed by the most delicious food brought out of my dreams. My whole being was overwhelmed with sweat and pleasure. My eyes were blank and I felt my body aching out of passion and impetuosity. In a few hours I had lived more than a thousand lives. I had dropped to Hell and I had flown, soaring in the sky. I had felt a delirium of indescribable feelings, but that young woman was still speaking with gray words, forgetting about the blue.

             It was almost nighttime when the two of us decided to leave our paradise. She respectfully walked me home, swearing she'd be at my door the following morning, asking for my hand in order to start our bright future together. She would never know that below my clothing was full of fruits of lust and vice, and that my inner reaches had enjoyed the most exciting sensations.

            Each cell in my body was exhausted after the joy of a blue, lecherous battle that had reached monstrous proportions. Every inch of my skin was dirty, soaked with the juices from stolen pleasure. The beautiful woman was still in front of me and, with a sweet look and a pure kiss, she bade me farewell at the threshold. But I already knew that she was not my blue mistress. My blue mistress would stay hidden inside of me forever, in those unspeakable thoughts, in that country where there is neither law nor rules: the country of imagination.

The End

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