The Killian War

I prayed every day; not only for my own survival, but also for the survival of Te Jaan Song.  Only three years ago it had been born out of the fray of many other countries.  To see it destroyed so ruthlessly would be the destruction of a new-born star.  So much was promised, so much was accomplished, so much hope was instilled in the people. 

Te Jaan Song was born out of revolution, and hence our country had large ambitions.  We were sick of the tyranny.  At the time of the Empire's birth, there were four major powers that shared the land: Emiel, Pulcia, Bromid and Killia.  The Blue Empire emerged from a massive war between Emiel, Pulcia and Killia.  We broke off as an independent state from Emiel, tired of oppression and longing for peace.  We prospered off the scraps left behind by the war, and soon we were a thriving Empire.  We absorbed parts of Emiel and Pulcia as they fought tirelessly.

Eventually, Pulcia and Emiel formed an alliance against Killia, albeit a bit too late.  Pulcia was destroyed and Emiel was reduced to a commonwealth, making Killia the supreme power.  Bromid, sensing the danger of the new dictatorship, allied itself with us.  Within the time frame of a year, we grew exponentially in power and wealth.  With Killia and Bromid occupying most of the mainland, Te Jaan Song spread its influence to numerous surrounding islands with little resistance.

There was no defined name for the continent on which these three countries dwealt.  It was simply called "The Land" or sometimes "The Woodland".  The continent itself was akin to the shape of a heart, and a disfigured one at that.  Killia occupied the north and the west, Bromid the east and Te Jaan Song the south.  We were the first to explore beyond the continent, to look beyond land conquest.  We knew there was power in having an oceanic empire, but our goal wasn't for pure power.  Our ruler was of the kind and wise.  He treated even those he'd conquered with fairness and respect. 

It were the island provinces that lasted during the Killian war.  If it were not for their perseverence, the war would have surely been lost.

Just at winter's beginning of the second year at war, our explorers had reached a new continent and discovered a new country, another empire, in fact.  It was called Allem Raush, or the Red Empire.  Their leader was Emperor Ambrose, and he had soon made an alliance agreement with our leader, Emperor Tolmaeus.  The resources of Allem Raush were plentiful and their warriors were strong.  When we asked for their hand in the Killian War, they readily accepted. 

Within a week's time, they had sent more than half a million soldiers across the ocean to accommodate us.  Rather than have them deploy at the southern tip of the Woodland, we instructed them to invade the north and launch a surprise attack on the capital of Killia.  Like a swath of fire, the Red Empire cut across the top of Killia, taking out the captial in the process.  Forlaud was forced to withdraw men from both the eastern and southern fronts.  In doing so, Te Jaan Song was allowed some breathing room and Bromid pushed inward the Killian border.

Over the next month, the military might of Allem Raush crippled the Killians.  Without constant pressure being applied to them, the island provinces were finally able to launch a successful counter offensive.  The southern tip of the Woodland was retaken and liberated by the tired armies of Te Jaan Song. 

Finally, after two years, peace was looking like a possibility.

The End

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