The Blue Empire

The frontlines are truly terrifying.  There are many things that you would have never thought to exist here.  Monsters, fire storms, terror beyond your heart's imagination, struggle as you've never seen, victory, defeat, revenge, martyrs, victims and tyrants.  Yes, they all dwell on the battlefield, and sometimes it's nearly impossible to discern the factions from one another.  Friendly fire is a fairly common occurance.

It wasn't always this way.  There were once distinct sides and heroes and villains, all vying for triumph and glory.  In those days, I fought under the flag of Te Jaan Song, the mighty Blue Empire, as they called it.  It still exists to this day, but it is exceedingly different, even from only a year's time.  There are many secrets and concerns these days that did not exist before.  The people are kept unaware of the constant war and struggle which goes on outside the walls of the Empire. 

Te Jaan Song has almost always been at war.  Since its creation, other tribes, countries and empires have fought valiantly and ruthlessly against the Blue Empire.  The first great war was against Killia, a terribly powerful and destructive adversary at the time.  Killia led a successful invasion against us, and actually occupied more than half the Empire for a while.  There were several provinces that the Killians couldn't penetrate, and it resulted in a two-year deadlock.  We had a reliable ally called Bromid.  The Bromish army fought hard alongside ours, but the iron hold of Killia remained unbroken. 

The Killians installed a new government in the provinces they had conquerd.  It was basically an extension of their own, a dictatorship under the dark lord Forlaud.  The once dignant people of Te Jaan Song became weary and wore the marks of oppression.  The Killian government sacrificed the health of the people for the advancement of their borders and power.  Malnutrition and starvation were rampant in the conquered provinces, and innocent civilians were casually executed without reason.  This happened more often as the war grew old.  As it happened, Bromid did not share in the attrocities we'd suffered from the Killians.  Their losses were only a pinprick compared to the mutilation of our Empire.  However, their help was still immensely appreciated.

Hopelessness and terror were making themselves at home in the mostly conquered Blue Empire.  Each day, the trampled citizens would hear news of how the Killians were making slow but steady progress towards total domination of Te Jaan Song.  Dark lord Forlaud even made visits to the provinces.  He spoke to large crowds, persuading them to the violent propoganda set up by the Killian government. 


There were now only two or three provinces out of Forlaud's grasp.  The vigor of the Blue Empire was wearing thin, and Forlaud claimed it was drawing to a permanent close.  "Destroy the Deceivers!" he preached. 

Besides Forlaud's demoralizing speeches, we were given no word on the events taking place in or around our homeland.  Many had lost hope or were losing it quickly.  For myself, I clung to hope as a child to its mother.  I had endured much pain and toil over the past two years, but my story is for another date.  This story is that of the Blue Empire.

The End

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