The Blue Bloodline Misfortune


It was a sunny day; the birds joyfully chirping and heart shaped clouds in the clear blue sky. The day when the Blues made the worst and most dangerous decision of their life. 

Zane Blue was a careful man. The governor of this particular country had to be. Governor Blue would read over every proposal and contract word for word. Every time he signed, he knew what he was signing for. But those are only papers. 

Nineteen years ago, Governor Blue was in love. That may be hard to believe, considering his present state. But he was; truly and most passionately so. And not with his current wife, mind you. No, he was infatuated by a no-name commoner. Adrianna West was a plain girl. She had a head of brown hair, a button nose and thin lips.

Perhaps the adrenaline rush of sneaking around together was the fuel to their relationship. The two tried very hard not to be caught by her abusive husband and the followers of his political career (the question back then was whether or not he was ever to become governor). And fortunately, for them, they were never really caught by either. 

Instead, they were caught by the sudden jumpstart in Zane's political career. Then Adrianna became less and less important, and he left. He left her for a more "accomplished" lady, one with prospects and a family of significance. He married this beautiful girl and had an intelligent son, Jamison Blue. And he lived the rest of his life, as though his heart had no scars and no experience of deep affection or intimacy of an unmeasurable level. 

No one, not a soul, knew of this love affair that ended so suddenly. Until a little piece of it turned up at the governor's doorstep one evening and he was forced to face the past and the consequences. 

The End

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