The Bloody House Wrecher.Mature

My mind is a strange place but then again so is the world. This story combines two things - sex and death.
If you want to know more feel free to read it. Any criticms or comments will be greatly appreciated.

Have you ever been involved in a love triangle? Well I can tell you from first hand experience that it is not fun, especially when it involves you, your best friend and her boyfriend.

It all started last summer. My parent's had gotten divorced when I was younger and my Dad had moved to Ireland while my mother and I had stayed in Scotland. So as a consequence I spent all my school holidays in Ireland, I loved visiting my father but it meant I missed a lot back home. I didn't like talking over the phone so I never knew what was going on with my friends back in Scotland. I arrived back home two days before we had to go back to school and almost immediatelt texted my best friend Tara to inquire as to whether she would like to go to town the following day. She replied that of course she would and there was someone she wanted me to meet.

I got a bus to the bus station where I met Tara. Her blonde hair which fell to her anorexic waste fluttered in the wind. Her green eyes enhanced her pale face. In contrast to the gloomy scenery and weather she wore a bright pink t-shirt and blue skinny jeans. Even though we were best friends we were complete opposites. I had shoulder length dyed red hair with a side fringe and cloudy grey eyes. I wore a blue t-shirt with my favourite black and red jumper over it and boy fit jeans. She was taller and skinnier than me and also had better social skills. However I was more intelligent and where she conformed I proteseted. Standing with his arm around her shoulders was an incredibly tall and hot guy. His eyes were the deepest blue I'd ever had the pleasure of stairing into. His muscles rippled through his black t-shirt. His short sandy brown hair topped off his incredible body. Tara ran over and hugged me as soon as I got off my bus.

"C.J i missed you so much. How was your dad's?" Tara asked as she finished hugging me and resumed her position under the guy's arm.

"It's Ireland. They drink, eat, drink, sleep and drink again. It was amazing. So what did I miss while I was away?" I asked as my eyes fell on the guy.

"This is Mark. We met at a party at the start of the summer holidays and he asked me out the next day."

"Hi," said Mark as he stretched out his hand. This was quite wierd but I returned his greeting as I shook his hand. As soon as our hands connected I felt a jolt of electricity run down my spine. We spent the rest of the day together. It turned out Mark went to the same school as us and we just hadn't met him before because of the massive population of our town. The three of us spent a lot of time together over the next few weeks. Tara told me she had fallen in love with Mark but I had a feeling he didn't feel as deeply for her.

However about a month later we all went to Luke's party. Tara didn't drink as she thought it was stupd to break the law and that anything worth while was worth waiting for, which included sex. So when Mark and I started drinking she went to talk to some of her "abstaining" friends. Both of us drank quite a bit so when Mark put his hand on my thigh and asked if i wanted to go upstairs the alarm bells that should have gone off didn't as they had been silenced by alcohol. He lead me into a room which had a big double bed in the centre. I deduced it was Luke's parents room from the baby photos of him that decorated the walls and the dressing table covered in an assortment of make-up. Mark sat on the bed which looked pretty comfy so I sat beside him. His hand returned to my thigh and before I knew what was happening he had started kissing me. He slid his hand slowly up my thigh, under my t-shirt, under my bra and started massaging my breast. His lips were so soft. He was an amazing kisser but then I remembered Tara so pulled back.

"What about Tara!" I almost shouted.

"She's nice but I want you," he replied whilst trying to pull me closer to him. It was a mixture of alcohol and the fact that he really turned me on that allowed him to pull me closer. His hand found its way back to my breast. I lied down, pulling him with me. He started removing his top and before I knew it we were both naked and his fingers were inside me. My hand found his dick which I slowly caressed until he was sufficiently hard before I went under the covers and blew him away.

I returned my head to the pillow. He slid on top of me and penetrated me as deeply as he could. I admit that I was rather promiscuous but he was definately the best I'd had. Unfortunatley at that precise moment Tara decided to walk into the room. When she saw her boyfriend on top of her best friend she screamed.

"What the hell are you doing on top of that slag?" she asked as tears rolled down her face. Unfortunatelty I had an inability to admit when I was wrong and found it necessary to retaliate when people imsulted me even if it only made things worse.

"It's not my fault you weren't putting out enough so your boyfriend had to go to someone else to get satisfaction. Come on, he's a teenage boy."

She didn't take my retaliation the way i'd hoped although considering her boyfriend was still inside me I'm not sure how many ways she could have taken it. She grabed the lamp off the bedside table and smashed it over Mark's head. He went out like a lightbulb. He dropped onto the bed beside me, luckily he didn't fall on me on I would have been squished, however that might have been better than what happened instead. Tara grabbed a pair of nail scissors from the dressing table and threw herself on top of me. I grabbed her hand containing the scissors as she lunged them dangerously close to my eyes. She head butted me. Pain seared through my face as blood poured from my nose. Her anger clearly shone through her eyes. She continued to head butt me until I released her hand. She then used the scissors to stab me repeatedly whilst shouting;


As painful as this was I still had sarcastic thoughts such as "thought you didn't swear" and "it wasn't so much stealing as receiving a runaway" floating around my brain. People rushed into the room as they had heard the screaming so were rightfully worried. Someone pulled her off me but I had lost too much blood. She had stabbed me all over. People tried to help but there were too many puncture wounds and my blood was spurting in all directions. It covered the best, everyone within a metres distance and it was dripping off Tara who by this point was on the floor in histerics.

I died in that bed, murdered by my best friend. I just lay there naked beside a guy I believe I could have loved anf who could have loved me back. Everyone's eyes were on me, The Bloody House Wrecker- it's what they called me after my death- kind of ironic don't you think?

Anyway the moral of the story is don't take life or love for granted in the blink of an eye you could lose them both. Be honest with your friends especially the ones who have been driven insane because of an eating disorder. Also just my own little point- what's the point of abstinance-it causes death.  

The End

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