Flight- Part 6


Rieh returned to the campfire. Rodnah was waiting.

“Where have you been?”

“I came across another camp. They were being attacked by Giant Spiders. I helped out. Only one of them saw me, a boy. He looked to be around our age. But something strange happened. When I touched his skin, both of our hands began to glow. I-I can’t explain what happened”.

“That sounds like some form of magic. Nothing I know of... I wonder is it some of the old magic of our people?”

“That magic has been lost for centuries. None of our people recall any of it. We can’t use it anymore”.

“Maybe times are changing”.

“Well whatever it is, that boy had something to do with it”.

“So let’s follow him. We can follow them easily without being noticed. We’ll follow him and see where he goes, what he does, find out who he is”.

Rieh nodded. “Ok let’s do it. I’m sure our people will be interested to hear about it when we return”.

They packed up camp and moved back through the trees, stopping near the other camp. They didn’t light a new fire, wanting to remain hidden. Rieh demanded the first watch, intrigued. Rodnah nodded and settled down to sleep.

The End

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