Flight- Part 4

Ronan sat clasped in shadows watching over the sleeping trio where they lay curled up together. They had no idea what was ahead of them. They had unwittingly entered a life fraught with danger and chaos. Markus would have no choice. The forces of evil would be after him now, Miro would return. His interest in the boy was worrying. Ronan had not sensed anything different about him in the nine years he had known him.  He could not be safe if he returned home. The other two would have the option of returning, once they remained hidden for a time. But Markus would be obliged to travel on with Ronan. He continued to stare into the dark.



Rodnah and Rieh danced around each other, blades in hand. They matched one another’s stroke every time. They moved silently. They continued into the darkness, honing their skills. After two hours hard practice, they finally rested.

“One of these days I’ll break your guard” Rodnah said.

“Not likely, brother”. Rieh crouched down and set a fire. They sat and roasted a rabbit on a spit, and then began to eat it. “I don’t know why more elves don’t eat meat. I mean, it’s all a part of nature isn’t it? It’s not like we waste any of it”.

“I don’t understand it either sister. Let’s just enjoy it while I can”. They laughed and finished their meal, then sat watching the stars in the sky.  Rieh stood after a while and went searching for more firewood. She was moving silently among the trees when she heard a noise. She drew her blade and crept through the trees toward the sound. She came across a campsite. The fire was nearly out, but she could still see sharply in the dark. She made out three bodies lying together near the fire, and there was a man standing watch on the opposite side of camp. A horde of giant spiders was slowly creeping into the camp.

The End

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