2- The Village Festival, Part 7

The battle stopped. The soldiers looked on in shock; then they fled the battle, moving out of the village. Markus lay on the ground a moment more. He was becoming dizzy from blood loss. Nanor appeared in his vision. He muttered a few words and the pain subsided from Markus’ nose. It was perfectly healed. He didn’t see the gash on his arm from the claws.

“We have to get out of here, get your things, and meet me outside the village in ten minutes. It’s not safe for you here anymore. That man has taken an interest in you. He will be back”. With that he was gone. Sed ran over to Markus.

“You okay Markus”.

“Come on”.

They ran back through the village square to Markus’ house. Salla threw herself at Markus the moment they opened the door.

“What’s going on?”

“I have to leave. Nanor said so. It’s not safe for me here anymore”.

“I am going with you!”

“Me too!”

“No, neither of you are. Stay here”.

“Nothing you say will stop me” Sedunga said.

“And if you try make me stay again, I will follow you” Salla added.

“So be it”. 

The End

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