2- The Village Festival, Part 1

Markus donned a clean shirt; one of his finest along with a new pair of pantaloons. Running a hand through his hair, he exhaled and left the house; Daein and Leili with him. Leili wore a fine red dress which fell to her heels; but was light enough for her to lift up as she danced. Her long, brown hair fell to her shoulders; sleek and smooth. Daein wore a cloak he had had hand woven by the village weaver. It was of the finest Carromsford silk.

As they reached the village square; a variety of sights befell them. A stage had been erected and a string and percussion quartet had set up and began playing; the current song a fast number, the people dancing a rapid jig. A merchant had set a stall in one corner; flogging his wares from distant lands. The entertainers had chosen strategic spots all around the square; some juggling, others eating fire; others performing acrobatics of sorts. None told tales this day; the music would drown out any attempt to.

Sedunga appeared from the crowd filling the square; a bright smile on his face. “Leili, how are you this evening?” He ignored the boys. Leili smiled and moved closer to Sed.

“In your dreams Sed” she whispered and was gone, twirling into the crowd; no doubt gone to find her friends. Markus and Daein laughed at the look on Sed’s face; dumbstruck. He soon had his smile back.

“So, let’s go find some ladies to dance with”.

“I could do with some ale first” Daein said. Markus nodded in agreement. They moved through the square to where Master Amathorn had arranged a stall outside the inn to provide beverages. Daein ordered three pints of the finest ale on offer. They raised their glasses and toasted a good night ahead. Seated at the bar; Sed started pointing out each village girl as she passed. It was a tradition of his; he would ask the others opinions, but in the end, he would try his luck with as many as he possibly could that night. After a time, Daein became bored with his ramblings, and set off into the crowd to find Sarinda Daerto; the blacksmith’s daughter. 

The End

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