Prologue, part 2

The port city of Kadres lay sprawled by the coastline, the waves crashing upon the shore. The storm moving in was tumultuous. High winds breezed about the ports, causing the ships to rock, flags to wave, doors and windows to slam shut. One window which had not opened this night was that of the Lord’s office.

A knock came on the office door at precisely the midnight hour. The man behind the desk looked up from his musings and gestured for his assistant to answer it. The door swung in and two soldiers arrived, escorting a man and a boy.

“My Lord”, one of the escorts said, “We present a messenger from the High King Ukudos and a boy by the name of Kaelin”.

Lord Thairon perused the men over his interlocked fingers.

“And what message does this messenger bear?”

The messenger stepped forward and began to recite:

“To Lord Thairon of the port city of Kadres,

I, King Ukudos do hereby order you to take this boy and board him on a vessel to the islands in the south. No one is to know of this mission, save yourself, your closest confidants, myself and my closest confidants. This requires the immediate murder of the messenger, and any of your guards who escort said messenger. The reasoning behind this order is not for your knowledge. I expect obedience.

King Ukudos.”

Lord Thairon did not speak. He stared at the men gathered in front of him, gauging their reactions. He nodded to his assistant who nodded back. In a flash, both guards and the messenger were dead, their throats cut. Lord Thairon’s assistant held a bloody knife in one hand, and the other rested on the boy’s shoulder.

“Have him on the next vessel to the Southern Isles”.

The assistant nodded and applied pressure on the boy’s shoulder, turning him and guiding him from the room.



Alecs Ukudos stared into the black orb as it began radiating shadows. They covered the entire room, walls, ceiling and floor. A figure grew out of the shadows, completely cloaked, its features hidden. The Shadow Lord.

“Master”, Alecs knelt on his right knee.

“Have you set events in motion for my return to this world?”

“I am in the process of doing so, My Lord”.

“Good, your position as King should give you the ability to do whatever you wish. You are gaining more power constantly, broadening your rule. I can feel my power growing with each day”.

“I am delighted to hear it, Master. The day of return is one I highly anticipate”.

“As it should be”.

The Shadow Lord sank back into the floor. Alecs turned away to see Miro enter The Shadow Room.

“You took it back?”

Miro nodded.

“And the boy?”

“He was found and borne straight to Kadres. There, he shall be placed on a vessel to the Southern Isles, and there he shall remain”.

“Good, he must be taken out of the equation. It is too much risk to allow him freedom; he may discover who he is”.

“Why not kill the boy?”

“No, I cannot kill him. There may be a use for him yet”.

“Very well”.

“Come Miro, we must discuss our next move. I believe it is time I begin my reign. Where shall we attack first?” 

The End

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