The Bloodcurdling Mystery of Dreary

When a boy called Fred finds out about the mysterious death of a local woman, he is determined to find out more. This is when he discovers a secret, an evil, monstrous secret...

Chapter One

 “Fred, Have you heard?” Fred’s mother rushed in the kitchen, a ring of sweat round her forehead, just dumping the shopping at the nearest possible place.

 Fred looked up. “What, the murder?”

“Well, that’s not actually confirmed. She could of just...fell down the hill. Though I don’t see how that could have killed someone. Maybe she was ill, but the last time I saw she was fine...” Fred’s Mother looked horrified.

 “I bet she was murdered.”

Fred’s mother smiled. “You believe that. You can have anything from the shopping. I need to talk to your dad about poor old Laura.” With that, she ran up the stairs.

Fred got up. It was always better when Dad went shopping. He would by loads of nice stuff. But Mum was all “healthy eating”, so she never really bought any chocolate. He looked in the crackly white paper bag. Gingerbread men! Hey! Fred lifted the box out the bag, sat down again and tucked in.

It’s actually kind of fun, Fred thought as he severed the head of another innocent biscuit. There’s nothing interesting in Dreary. But now there’s been a murder.

Before this miserable January Sunday, Fred would have begged his parents to move. He couldn’t see why they liked this boring Wiltshire village so much. But now some lady had been found dead at the bottom of some hill just outside Dreary.

That was cool.

The End

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