The Blood HospitalMature

I decided to turn Steinbecks stunning 'Of Mice and Men' into something more worthy of Stephen Kings name...Enjoy

The floor is cold, damp too. I am surrounded by darkness. The only thing I have left. It protects me from him. From those accusing eyes. Those cold dead eyes.


I curl into a ball on the floor. They gave me a blanket but I won’t use it. He would smother me with it. He knows. He knows I killed him. Lennie…


A smell rectangle of light breaks the sullen darkness in my room. I squeeze my eyes shut and wait. NO! A clank and a creak. They open the door. They can’t do this to me again!


‘On your feet! It’s feeding time.’


I obey, my eyes still hidden behind the safety of my eyelids. Not again please!


‘Open your eyes maggot!’ he sounded angry; he won’t be as patient as the others.


‘No…I…I can’t’ I answer ‘I won’t’


‘Open your damn eyes!’ he strikes me in the stomach. I double over.


‘N…n…no’ weakly I answer ‘He will see me’ I know what’s coming ‘Please believe me’ I beg him to reconsider.


‘YOU…DO…THIS…EVERY…TIME’ every word another strike ‘OPEN…YOUR…DAMN…EYES…AND…BE DONE WITH IT!’ he finishes. I stand there for a few seconds; I don’t want to open my eyes for I know what I will see. I feel him tense he will strike again if I don’t obey.


Slowly and deliberately I comply with his wishes. My eyes open and there he is standing next to the orderly, a large man in every way. Balding towards the centre of his head. Wearing a denim jacket stained red. His eyes fixated on me.  And between them a slight hole, a small trickle of blood ran down from it past his nose and dripping off his chin.


‘GEORGE!’ he bellows ‘GEORGE IT’S ME!’


Lennie stands there waiting for a reply those eyes still fixed on my shocked face.


‘Now was that so bad?’ The orderly asks ‘You see there is no boogie man here to hurt you’


‘He don’t see me does he?’ Lennie chuckles ‘he don’t see what you did’ He smiles showing off blood stained teeth. ‘All he knows it that you, you crazy bastard, attacked a worker at your ranch, Curley was it? Nearly killed him you did almost split his head open with a horse shoe…’


He continued speaking but I refused to listen I ran into my room and curled back on the damp floor sobbing to myself. I close my eyes again. Lennie is gone.


‘You don’t like light eh?’ the orderly smirks ‘I would say you’re like my kids, but it’s the dark that spooks them’ he steps into my room, I remain still. ‘Well I have a surprise for you, you crazy bastard, the big wigs have asked me to remove your curtains, you see there’s a spot light outside that just wants to shine on your window, so you don’t feel alone in the dark all by yourself!’


I know what he is going to do.


‘Please…Please you have to believe me. Don’t do this to me!’ I grab his feet in a vain attempt of begging.


‘Too late’ I hear him rip the curtains off my room’s window. I close my eyes ever tighter. ‘You will have to open them eventually, then perhaps you will realise that there’s nothing there!’


‘You don’t understand, you don’t know what I have done’


‘Oh yeah I do, you beat that poor sod to a pulp’ he laughs ‘you crazy son-of-a-bitch’ He continues to laugh as he walks out, a clank as the door closes and I am all alone. Safe in my personal darkness, I won’t open my eyes again.


‘George?’ I hear a whisper ‘George, open your eyes George’ No!  It can’t be! He can’t see me, my eyes are closed!


‘George? Come on now open your eyes. You wanna see this, it ain’t a rabbit or nothin, I gots a new thing to pet’


I open my eyes reluctantly, there he is again standing there, but his back is turned to me, what is he holding?


‘Wanna see what I got?’ he turns, showing me what he is holding.


I scream, in his large meaty hands is a head dismembered at the neck, a hole in its forehead slowly dripping red blood. He is petting the balding mans scraggy hair. He is petting my hair, my head…MY HEAD!


I scream again, dropping to my knees, I beg him to stop


‘Please! Stop, leave me alone…PLEASE!’


‘Guys like us that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world’ He laughs, a short sharp shriek that pierces my ears. ‘With us it ain’t like that, because I got you and YOU GOT ME!’


The head in Lennie’s hands suddenly bursts into flame, both sets of cold dead eyes swing into focus on my quivering body. They speak in ghastly unison


‘Got it caught in a machine it did, took my head right off’ they both laugh blood boiling out of their decrepit mouths, Lennie no longer looks like himself. I scream.




They both laugh as Lennie slowly walks towards me.

The End

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