Interlude I: Some ForewordsMature

That is the end of the story. Actually, that’s untrue, because there are no endings. Things always continue, no matter if there is anyone to see them. That’s a magic of stories, they show a window into the world, but no matter how it is portrayed the window can always be stretched, always be widened. This is not the ending of the story, or this story for that matter, but neither is it the beginning or the middle. It is a scene in the story, a glimpse through this window. If you choose to keep reading, it will be a glimpse of many. Hopefully you will and maybe you can see who Joel is, who the man is, and why one killed one another.
Do not forget Joel. I know what you are thinking, he is dead now he doesn’t matter anymore, but actually, contrary to this belief he does matter. Very much so. So much so that, in fact, he could be the main character of this story. Now you are confused, and asking yourself if this is going to be a ghost story and whatnot. It is not a ghost story. But then, you ask yourself, how can he be the main character? I just saw him die! Therein lies a great mystery that can only be revealed through exploring another magic of stories. Time is flexible in stories, and you can go anywhere you want. So, hopefully with all your questions answered, (yes I know you don’t know who the man is or why he killed Joel, you’re not supposed to, shut up) you can sit back, relax and enjoy your window seat story.

The End

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