Becoming The Bane

    Jake lay with half closed eyes upon his bed, it was almost 3am and he had been up late watching, err…TV! Indeed, he had only just turned the ‘TV’ off and laid his aching hand down for sleep when it happened. There in the far corner of his room there was an explosion. No force came from it. It was like fires of every colour imaginable were swirling in one big ball. However not once did a flame come past the boundary. It was like a silent non-existent ball of fire and yet there it was clear as day before his eyes. Jake was 16 and had lived in the children’s home since he was born; he had been found left fir dead in a cardboard box of the motorway and had consequently spent the first 4months in this world battling phenomena. He never really thought about how he looked and aside from things he did on his own wasn’t that bothered with girls, they were too much trouble. Always demanding something. He had used to be scrawny but had filled out a bit now he was older and had well developed arms and legs showing of muscle and a feint six pack on his chest. He was tall for his age at about 6ft 5. All of these trophies of his dedication to his martial arts clubs. Jake was a 3rd degree black belt in karate, judo, Tae-kwon-doe, all of these he did twice a week. He was also a 1st degree black belt in kung fu. He had done these since he was 5 when a house parent had complained he didn’t do anything or have any friends.  He also ran and weight trained once a week. It was a shame because if he were bothered with girls he wouldn’t have had any trouble getting a girlfriend. He had blonde hair that cropped his face closely and was about neck height on the back and just below his ears. He also had a pair of strikingly blue eyes that had been what fascinated the careers when he was a baby and stood still. With just a look he could catch you in his eyes, draw you in and there was that sense that, if he wanted to, he could trap you there forever and make you d whatever he wanted.

    Now Jake stood there, hesitantly watching the small ball of fire in his room, as if it read his thoughts about making an escape through the door or windows the ball moved in front of the door and for the first time flame went beyond the boundaries of the ball and a single trail of fire zoomed back and forth over the windows, Jake might have been able to get out but he knew if he approached the windows the fire could become much more vicious. With all of this in mind Jake made his way forward coiled like a spring, he had perfected quick reflects with his numerous martial arts, and so was read to dark out of the way at a moments notice. Jake new himself he was scared but, whether it was his start in life or just his personality, he hated showing weakness. He thought this was a flaw and perhaps it was, for it was that which had made the first rudely awake him.

    It briefly crossed his mind that this might be what was causing the disappearances of people from all over the country that everyone was so worried about. People from London were disappearing and the people who disappeared and didn’t live in London had all disappeared whilst visiting London. The strange thing about the disappearances was that no one had witnessed any of the several hundred of people that had now disappeared being taken. Police were swarming like ants all over the city but after one of them disappeared too the police now moved in gangs, vainly hunting for the kidnappers through the thick grey smog that seemed to have magically appeared in London over the last few days. No, Jake didn’t like living in London at the moment, still life went on. Jake was scared, and the thing that scared him most was the thought that this flame was conscious and wanted something. The question was, what? He could shout or raise the alarm, get an adult to deal with it. But the natural rebel in Jake said no, this was something special for him alone.

    Steeling himself Jake marched forward, still tensed to spring, reacting his hand out to touch the swirling flames reasoning that there was so much he would surly have felt if they were hot in the air before now. The moment his outstretched hand brushed the wall of fire the flame reacted, Jake had been right it wasn’t hot and now the flame suddenly swallowed him, shooting up his arm completely rapping him from head to toe and stopping him from screaming out. It wasn’t hot. No, it didn’t feel like fire, almost like. Tingly.  But shouldn’t he be screaming in pain? That was when it happened; it was on of the weirdest feelings he had ever had. Suddenly he knew more stuff, much more stuff. Thoughts of bad spirits flew into his head, zombie like creatures were real and he knew were they would hide, he could fight, with the beautiful sword the centre of the fire contained and which he now held and beheld with wonder and with many other medieval weapons from many countries. The sudden growth in knowledge was too much for his system to take and it shut down for processing. The last thing he saw was the sword, fading into oblivion until he needed it. And then a voice of fire seared through his head  “sleep now, there is much to do. You are the Bane.”

The End

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