The forging

    Any other spirit that had just jumped through the void would need several weeks to recover but not Lazarus. No he merely spared himself a steadying breath even though he hadn’t lost much energy it was just the rate he lost it that had tired him. He looked around getting his bearings and noticing how everything was bigger than he remembered. He quickly worked out how big everything should be now from his observations compared to his memories of this exact place. Lazarus was maxing his was to a planet several million light-years away that was made from a metal that was the strongest substance the spirits had ever encountered. It was practically impervious to energy, particularly energy from spirits. Giving it the power he desired it to have would be a trouble even for Lazarus but for the other spirits it would be completely impossible to destroy. Lazarus had so much energy he could move at several thousand times the speed of life. He dint enjoy teleporting and a few minutes would make little difference. He arrived and swooped down to the giant globe of metal that was maybe 100 times the size of the earth’s sun.

    Lazarus blasted the surface of the ore, for it was somewhat oxidised and could therefore be called an ore, with huge amounts of energy he melted the metal and heated until it was completely pure. A pure metal was exactly what he wanted because an alloy of the metal actually made it weaker. Heating the metal Lazarus formed it into an intricately formed sword. Doing this had practically used all of Lazarus formidable store of energy. However now he had tapped the natural boundary he poured a small trickle of power into the sword. Lazarus sat in a trance like stake for several weeks until he was completely replenished, he had been pouring so little energy into the sword that he produced more than he used so he eventually refilled. The energy he had been pouring was keeping the boundary down. If Lazarus had fallen asleep the boundary would have been restored and he would have had to start again, he could not afford that much time. In this time Lazarus muttered many things under his breath, there was a language, the language of the universe. The spirits had once used this to shape the universe but a single mistake would instantly kill and obliterate everything into nothing in and direction for several light years. The damage this caused to the spirits creation was enough to stop the sprits using it and instead shape the universe with pure energy. This had ment a drastical reduction in strength as the language had multiplied the energy to several time the energy it used form the spirits.

    Now Lazarus poured all the energy into the sword filling it to the brim, he was brave enough to use the old language of power. He was perhaps the first person in thousands of years to use the language and was one of the few people who had not burned it from their memories; of all of those who didn’t he was the only one who would ever have been brave enough to use it. He used the language to multiply the power making the sword much stronger, the language also ment he could shape the energy more effectively. Putting timers on the power so it was only used under certain conditions. And even forcing the sword to produce energy itself so the effects he placed on it would never fade. Finally he used some materials he always carried with him to make a handle and scabbard for the sword out of reinforced gold and silver. He also set gems into it until the sword was one of the most amazing things he had ever seen.

    At the beginning of time laws had been set down by the spirits, laws even Lazarus would not break. Lucifer was a brother; in a confrontation he could fight him. However now the humans were involved and while Lucifer had no Qualms about breaking these laws they were to deeply engraved in Lazarus for him to break them. The one, which affected them, stated that they could not interfere in human conflicts. Meaning that Lazarus could only act through people to fight the bad spirits. Now the sword was done Lazarus used the last of his power to transport it to earth and activate the power within it. The sword was destined to seek out and find a hero among the humans who would lead the army in the final confrontation, someone brave enough to do what had to be done, someone to lead them and someone who was a natural fighter. Laws prevented Lazarus giving to much help so the sword would merely give impressions to the person on what Lazarus would do. Lazarus new he would. Lazarus new it was unlikely the person would know how to fight with a sword however and so he included all his skills in weaponry into the sword. The sword also had the power to destroy spirits with a touch, hence why Lazarus had been very careful with the scabbard when the sword was given that ability. The sword had two more abilities one would combat the cloak of darkness the bad spirits would cast about themselves and the other was the sword was a sensor allowing Lazarus to observe from afar and know when it was ready for him to confront his brother.

    Lazarus knew that humans had a tough time coming and that it was all the spirits fault.  He also knew that the humans would need a symbol of hope and the wielder of the blade he had created would be that symbol, this was why he had inscribed the sword and scabbard in his long loopy text  ‘Thorn sword of The Bane’ He knew this would put huge amounts of pressure on this person and while Lazarus was unhappy about this he knew it was necessary if humans had any hope of survival. He knew that one day he would have to accept a punishment from The Bane for condemning him to lead against his will in this long and difficult time.

    Lazarus would stay there until he was strong enough to reach the earthen moon, in a perfect place to act when the time came. There he would stay until the final battle, gathering strength, waiting. He had waited for thousands of years for this. That was his purpose in life and that was why he endured all the hate and rubbish his own people placed upon him. He had a purpose and that was what he lived for. He had waited, for so long, watching and waiting for his time. He had waited since the beginning of time in this universe and for many thousands of billions in the land of spirits for this moment. He could wait a while longer yet. Lazarus’s exhausted body collapsed upon that desolate chunk of metal a million miles from life with a small sigh of relief. He may never be allowed to see another spirit again but he welcomed the battle to come and was glad he broke the oath to stay out of the universe as it gave him chance to prove he had a reason to live. It was the thought of finally proving his worth beyond all doubt to himself that made Lazarus smile just as the first tender licks of sleep swept through his sleepy mind allowing him into the bliss beyond.

The End

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