The Sensors

    The only life in the universe was on planet earth, the cell made by the spirits was situated several billions of light-years away. This had not always been so, the recluse of the spirits was once again to blame. That one spirit, Lazarus, was Lucifer’s brother, if its possible for spirits to have brothers and sisters and families.  Both of them spirits were exceptionally powerful even among the spirits and Lazarus had been the spirit that defeated his brother’s dark army. He had been forbidden to enter the battle himself with his unconventional thoughts and lack of trust. Lucifer had almost destroyed them all, his army had suffered barely any casualties. Lazarus appeared and was able to defeat his weakened brother. Lucifer’s army proved as puny in power and as little a threat as Lazarus colleague’s army had to Lucifer. Lazarus had moved the cell far, far away. He had done this to provide people with a chance, for when the spirits entered a body they were shadows of their former selves, unable to reform the fabric of the world at there whim. When a spirit entered a body the limit of their power was however much energy they had in that non-existent form they were forced to leave. With sunlight being their downfall he had forced them to either die by the cell, die trying to get to earth or to transport themselves to earth sacrificing huge amounts of their energy. So weakened by this jump the spirits now on earth were only able to cloak themselves in darkness and perform a few other pitiful demonstrations of their power.  The dark spirits as the other spirits knew them did not enjoy this drastical weakening but before the other spirits left they all swore to never return in the most binding of oaths. If they did they would be cursed for all eternity to stay in the world alone which was against they’re very nature.

    While the other spirits were content that humans would be fine and to leave them to their own devices Lazarus was not so sure, at the time he had decided to leave but he had left certain sensors which would alert him to anything going wrong, you see he felt he owed it the people of earth seeing as they were made by the spirits he felt they owed the humans because of all the pain they extracted upon them in the great battle of the spirits. These sensors sucked everything in around them taking a picture of it and sending it straight through the void of the worlds to the land of the spirits.  The consequence of these sensors was they had huge amounts of atoms and cells to redistribute. And this ways why everything, including the boundaries of the universe, grew. These sensors became known as black holes. Therefore that just a few second after the Blood Codex was broken the first black hole picked up the trace of despair that fanned out in a globe from the cell in one single hollow sort of ball. It was comprised of dark matter and was so thin it passed through all but the sensors, which had such strong gravity; they could even draw something moving faster than anything in the history of the universe. Two more sensors were triggered as the ring spread through the universe, with many more to follow.  And so it was that Lazarus while sitting in a council of the spirits in the world of the spirits for while he was till considered strange the other spirits held him in higher esteem now he had saved all their lives, suddenly stopped dead and a look of resigned dread appeared on his face.

The End

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